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Garden Tour and Tea Party in Ada's Garden

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Ada's Garden

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At our October 2013 meeting, we had the pleasure of welcoming as our guest speakers Rigoberto and Eliza de la Portilla, also known as the Tattooed Beekeeper and the Beekeeper's wife.  In addition to learning about urban beekeeping and all the products that can be made from honey and beeswax, we discussed the debilitating effects insecticides have on bees and other beneficial insects in our rose gardens.  Alternative methods for controlling pests and blackspot were also discussed.  For more info: www.TattooedBeekeeprsWife.com

In December 2012, TRS assisted New York artist, Kenneth Peitrobono, with his entry way art installation to SCOPE during Art Basel week.  See "Photos" link for more pictures.

See "Photos" link for pictures of our 2012 meetings/workshops.

Jeff Chait and Harriet FrillarteOn April 2-3, 2011 The Tropical Rose Society held a "mini rose show" at the Pinecrest Gardens Backyard Paradise Event.



At our March 15, 2011 meeting, Heather Breaux and Sharon Ritz from Blooming Idiots of Okeechobee were our guest speakers. They brought a selection of Florida-friendly Old Garden Roses for our members and friends to purchase.

At our February 15, 2011 meeting, Joanne Capolo of Redland Herb Farm spoke about transplanting and growing herbs.  She brought many beautiful and fragrant herbs from her farm to share with the TRS members. 


At our January 18, 2011 meeting, Mr. Andrew Boshears of Green Acres Organics gave a very informative lecture on growing roses organically.

At our October 19, 2010, meeting, Margarita Calvet conducted a flower arranging workshop for our members.

Margarita brought several books from her library for us to review and use as a guide. "The Guidelines for Judging Rose Arrangements" is available through the American Rose Society.  She also highly recommended "The Complete Guide to Flower Arranging", which she purchased through Amazon.com